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Today's Funny Video Links
Gross Shoulders Vide... Image
Gross Shoulders Vide...
This guy has some nasty shoulder joints.
Hand Shadows Image
Hand Shadows
Commercial for Volkswagon but nevertheless pretty cool.
Prank Show Stunt Goe... Image
Prank Show Stunt Goe...
What starts out as a bit of fun ends in some very serious trouble P...
Dumb Women Wrecks A ... Image
Dumb Women Wrecks A ...
Seriously how do you flip your SUV into a gate while pulling into...
Sock Puppet Boosts H... Image
Sock Puppet Boosts H...
A little sock puppet comes home with a penis enlargement kit
Not Only For Blonds Image
Not Only For Blonds
Of course the blonde doesnt get it again.
Today's Flash Games Links
Endless War 2 Image
Endless War 2
With 30 missions and about 30 different guns, including Flamethrowe...
Uber Pool Image
Uber Pool
Pool game with power-ups explosions and other extras.
Wasting Time Image
Wasting Time
A stickman hacky sack
Bumper Ball Image
Bumper Ball
Air Hockey meets bumper cars.
Bunny Kill 2 Image
Bunny Kill 2
Watch this evil Bunny kill tons of other Bunnies.
Replay Race Image
Replay Race
Drive your car through various challenging tracks twice in least po...
Fly Around Image
Fly Around
Fly on missions and protect the carriers.
Slots Online
Still the original and best online casino game
Today's Funny Photo Links
Carol Is Blind Image
Carol Is Blind
She should have worn her safety goggles | Funny picture collection ...
A Drunk Pumpkin Image
A Drunk Pumpkin
A Drunk Pumpkin | Funny picture collection from around the world. Y...
Caught With Doll Image
Caught With Doll
Picture of a man caught making out with a blowup doll.
Doggy Dildo Image
Doggy Dildo
Picture of a dog that has emerged from the bedroom with a new toy.
Sins Or Donuts Image
Sins Or Donuts
Picture of two signs next to each other that make for a funny combi...
Yeah Just Pee Where ... Image
Yeah Just Pee Where ...
Funny picture collection from around the world. You havent seen any...
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Bubble Bobble Rev... Image
The classic arcade game Bubble Bobb...
Zidane Showdown Image
World Cup Germany 2006 maybe over b...
Public Urinal Image
Picture Of A Public Urinal That Has...
Stupid Idea Image
Never ever drink with your helmet o...
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